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I’ve suffered from bulimia—daily gorging and vomiting—for over 36 years.  Because of stomach acid erosion, I was put on antacids and Prilosec to control the constant heartburn.  Five years ago, I started regular chiropractic care for relief from pain and was inadvertently exposed to holistic and naturopathic ideas.  First, I let go of my dependence on NSAIDs and then caffeine.  I no longer suffer the miserable obsession of bulimia; I am free of heartburn and for the first time in 25 years, do not take any stomach acid-controlling medications.  I credit my chiropractor for planting the seed of healthy lifestyle choices.

Edie Loeb, San Diego, CA



Hi, my name is Tonya Neal-Taitague and I have had the pleasure of being Dr. Gary Bretow's patient for over 10 years now.

I have a nine-year-old daughter, Faith Taitague, who has also been Dr. Bretow's patient for her whole life.  When Faith was born, she had colic.  She was miserable and cried a lot.  She was my third child and my first two never had that problem.  I tried everything; infant colic drops, good thing they were homeopathic or I might have overdosed her.  I also tried rubbing her tummy, walking her, bouncing her, and nothing really worked.  I knew she was in pain but I was heartbroken for her.  I prayed and prayed.  I asked Dr Bretow about it and he told me he does adjustments on infants, an answer to my prayers!  I laid her on my tummy, Dr. Bretow did his magic touch and she was a different baby by that night!!  It was amazing.  He explained that when our spines are aligned correctly our body and immune system work at 100%.  We were so thankful to have a happy baby again.

My youngest is eight-years-old now, Jordan Taitague.  He was born with sinus and ear issues.  His pediatrician put him on antihistamines and a breathing inhaler before he was one-year-old.  He had two ear infections also.  So, I decided to bring him to Dr. Gary and he started giving Jordan adjustmets.  When Jordan had sinus issues or a cold, I would bring him three times in a week.  When he was healthy I brought him about two times a month.  Jordan still sees Dr. Gary and so does Faith and myself.  My two youngest children have not had any ear infections or been on any antibiotics in the last seven years.

I truly believe that God makes our bodies to work perfectly and when our spine is aligned properly our bodies work at their full and perfect capacity.  I'm thankful that God gave Dr. Bretow this gift of using his hands to help heal people.

Tonya Neal-Taitague 

January 2011